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good_bones_icon's Journal

Good Bones Icons
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Elite Community for Bones Icons
to good_bones_icon. This is a community for very good graphics from the TV show Bones. Please do NOT JOIN this community. Feel free to watch or apply. Just as every other elite community says, membership to this community is by invitation only- something that we give out once you get approved. Only apply if you are able to handle rejection and constructive criticism. If you are not accepted please do not complain, or you will not be considered next time. The purpose of the community is to have good Bones icons posted here. It is not because we think we are better than you, because we certainly do not. Your mods are Tanny ( zequins) and Lisa (ssg_gsr), and we're more than willing to answer any inquiries or questions you may have.
If you have applied and have been accepted, you may check your invites here
Posting Rules
01. When posting your icons in the community, please put three teasers and then an lj-cut or link to your community. If there's no teasers, the post will be deleted. Anything more must be placed behind an LJ-cut or a link to another post (if linking to another journal, make sure it is public). Wallpapers and other large graphics included in an icon post cannot be used as teasers.
02. Use the subject line to specify the number of icons + episode or other details. If your icons are included in a multifandom post, please show a breakdown of the icons so people know what to expect.
03. When first applying, please include 'Buck and Wanda' or 'Tony and Roxie' in the subject line so we know that you read the rules.
04. Make sure that your posts contain icons. Other graphics/pimping are accepted if and only if there are icons in the same post as well.
05. This community now makes use of tags. This helps everyone easily select and access the specific icons they're looking for. Tags will be added by one of the mods daily, to each new post.
06. "Fake LJ-cuts" (a.k.a links to your own journals) are acceptable, but please, don't link to locked journals that we are "forced" to join just to see the icons for.
07. Don't steal/bash/edit/hotlink other makers' icons.
08. Be kind and courteous of other members!
Snagging Rules
01. Comment and give the creator feedback.
02. CREDIT the creator!!!
03. Do not hotlink the images.
04. Follow any specific rules the individual has in addition to these rules.
Header by zequins
including icons by ssg_gsr, remainvanishing, sql_girl, zequins and biarustiguel
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